Laser etched measuring glass featuring eight (8) tablespoon (Tbs) and four (4) ounce (oz) measurements in one convenient, durable solution

Four (4) Ounce / Eight (8) Tablespoon Laser Etched Measuring Glass

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Tired of your mini measuring glasses losing their markings after repeated washings?

Yep, us too. So we came up with this cute yet functional mini measuring glass. The markings are laser etched which means they don't disintegrate after repeated hand or machine washings, unlike most other measuring glasses on the market.

The measuring glass features:
- fluid ounces on the right, in increments of 1/4 oz, from 1/4 oz to 4 oz
- tablespoons on the left, in increments of 1/2 Tbs, from 1/2 Tbs to 8 Tbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Shannon/Bill Dietz
Etched Measuring Glass

Love, love, love this measuring glass! Unless we break it we should never need to buy another! The measurements are easy to see no matter what color liquid is in the glass! We’ve bought many less expensive measuring glasses and the measurements always wear off! Great find and the order to delivery time was incredible!

George Saab
Etched Measuring Glasses are perfect!

This is exactly what I was looking for - measuring glasses are etched, never fade in the dishwash, sturdy very well made, and do not have lots of needless measurement scales over every surface - just oz and tablespoons which is absolutely perfect. I am very satisfied with this purchase and wish I found it sooner!


So happy to have found a 4 oz measuring cup with etchings that won’t wear off. Wish the etchings were a bit darker for easier visibility.


Love this laser etched measuring glass. Exactly what I needed for measuring liquid vitamins and with the measurements being etched into the glass the measurement will not peel or fade when washed in hot water!!

Paul Banta
Pyrex and Anchor hate these!!

... because they will last forever! Please make larger sizes available! Two to four cups would be great!