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Ordering Grips

This page provides additional details about the options for our custom 1911 grips.  Prices run from $50 to $100 depending on the features selected below.

Don’t want to wait for a custom design? Visit our Etsy site to see grips currently in stock.

1) Size & Shape

Is your firearm full size, or officer’s model 1911?
Does the firearm have an ambidextrous safety with a leg that extends under the grip?
Should the bottom of the grip have a beveled or flush base (e.g., if a magwell is installed)?

2) Wood Type

We offer a variety of domestic and exotic woods for our grips. We also can make grips from Spectraply for colored effects. To see some examples, please visit the Grip Gallery.  Please bear in mind that some woods will detract from the laser engraved designs, rather than complement them – we will let you know if we think a different wood will present better depending on your other selections.

3) Engraved Backgrounds

You may select from one of the following backgrounds, or opt for the “smooth” option with no engraving.  The following examples are all engraved on pine for consistency – the actual designs may look different depending on your wood choice. (Again, visit our Grip Gallery for specific examples.) Each background (except the US Flag) is also available in the following “partial” options (diamonds were used here to help visualize the options).

4) Engraved Designs

These are a selection of our standard “stock” designs which can be layered over the engraved backgrounds above.  These are examples of grips we have created for customers in the past.


Because different manufacturers have so many varying features on their 1911s, when you place an order we may ask for a photo of your firearm to aid us in making sure your grips are exactly the right match.

We will email you a comprehensive layout (“comp”) for your approval prior to actually engraving the grips.

Once engraved, grips are finished with three layers of tung oil to protect and preserve the wood.